Volkshotel Room 69

Volkshotel “Volkshotel is a place for single moms. For stockbrokers and punk rockers. From dandies and poets. Dishwashers and Underwater Welders. For biologists, night bloomers and artists. A place for everyone.” This amazing hotel is located in the upcoming eastern part of Amsterdam. Volkshotel exists out of more than 160 ‘standard’ rooms, designed by Bas Van… Read More

Geflipt burgers 2

Geflipt burgers  Geflipt burgers is located in Amsterdam. Rosa ID. designed and styled the total interior. Read More

Visbar Beet

Visbar Beet Visbar Beet is located near the Dappermarkt in Amsterdam. Rosa ID. designed the total space. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING 5 stars for the ease of use of your theme and great support! CHRIS MARTIN Read More